AEi provides a broad range of optical camera module test options. As creator of the industry’s first active alignment and test system, AEi has engineered a complete platform capable of ensuring the quality of cameras for mobile, automotive, medical and surveillance camera applications.

AEi systems provide capability for in-process testing and characterization as well as final test and validation. Test limits are programmable and all test results are logged for traceability as well as statistical process control.

  • Most comprehensive suite of built-in tests in the industry
  • Automated through focus curves on lenses, as well as unassembled or built cameras
  • Most flexible targeting system in the industry – Choose from one of our standard targets or design your own
  • Only camera test system capable of supporting more than one target if required
  • Most flexible lighting system in the industry – Programmable intensity with the ability to add filters and modify spectral content
  • Fully customizable tester – Add tests and unique targets to meet your needs