AEi systems are provided with the FlexAuto automation software platform. The user interface is designed to provide both the reliable environment required in high-volume manufacturing as well as the flexible interface needed to support innovative engineering solutions.

Whether you are displaying MTF values, focus, centration plots or machine vision alignment, FlexAuto enables you to see and control the power of your CMAT system.

FlexAuto is a complete PC control software solution designed specifically for automation. A comprehensive and intuitive set of configuration screens and graphical logic editors enables users to quickly and easily define basic machine attributes and process flow.

The FlexAuto PC control platform integrates motion control, machine vision and user interface functions together in an optimized manner to support effective flexible automation solutions that yield the highest throughput.

AEI provides the following standard measurements:

  1. MTF
  2. AEi gradient focus score
  3. Centration test
  4. FOV test

Available Optional Test SW:

  1. Rotation evaluation
  2. Macbeth color test
  3. Chrominance test
  4. Exposure test
  5. Distortion
  6. Saturation
  7. Best Focus
  8. Focal Length

Test available with optional hardware:

  1. Particle test
  2. Hot (stuck) pixel test
  3. Dead pixel test