The CMAT Assembly system offers multiple adhesive dispense and UV curing options to meet the varying needs of different cameras.

Fully integrated measurement options and machine vision inspection ensure that the adhesive quantity and pattern consistently meet the design intent. Dispensing options include auger, positive displacement or jetting to meet the needs of your camera modules. FlexAuto software allows development of the optimal adhesive pattern for each camera.

Active alignment takes advantage of adhesives that react to UV light curing. AEi supports adhesives that are dual-cure (UV cure followed by a thermal or humidity cure) or UV-only cure. The CMAT Assembly system allows you to select broad-band UV curing options or you can elect to take advantage of the benefits of LED UV curing with multiple narrow band offerings. AEi’s Modular Architecture enables a secondary UV cure option which improves the overall cycle time of the system.

The CMAT Assembly system gives you the adhesive dispense and curing flexibility required:

    • Dispensing system options – Auger, positive displacement, jetting
    • Flexible adhesive bead size with rapid change-over tips
    • Software programmed bead patterns
    • Machine vision bead pattern inspection
    • Dispense weighing option for process development and monitoring
    • Multiple UV light head configurations to meet the geometries of your cameras
    • Broadband UV cure option allowing the most flexibility in adhesive selection
    • LED UV cure option minimizing heat at light head and lowering preventive maintenance costs
    • Optional secondary UV cure module to improve system throughput