image11Our Goal

Ensure your cameras have the highest yield and lowest manufactured cost.

The challenge with shipping high-performance camera modules is simultaneously realizing high yields. As pixel density increases, pixel sizes get smaller and smaller (approaching 1.1um or less), lens focus and placement tolerance become hyper critical. AEi’s 6-axis active alignment ensures the best possible lens focus, reducing the scrap costs associated with passively aligned manufacturing solutions.

AEi equipment is designed to have the precision and repeatability to ensure the maximum quality and yield is reached with your camera.

Our applications engineers will work with you to make certain that high yield is achieved as you release to volume production. Our team understands that maximizing yield is key to your camera project profit, generating high ROI on your capital investment and realizing the lowest cost of production.

All solutions at AEi are developed with a focus on high throughput and maximum capital efficiency. The architecture of our assembly and test equipment allows us to bring continuous innovation in cost reduction as well as evolve with new techniques and measurement capability as your camera technology matures.