AEi developed a high-speed, machine vision guided, dual-head dispensing system to meet strict customer guidelines for reliability and safety. Cycle time requirements dictated gantry speeds of 2 meters per second to produce up to 8 dispensed lines of grease and 20 different vision inspections in a 300 mm square work area, within a 12-second cycle time.

Platforms & Products:

  • FlexAuto

Processes & Tools:

  • Machine Vision Alignment
  • Epoxy Dispense and Cure
  • Precision Motion

Application Requirements:

  • Vision guided motion
  • Automated grease dispense
  • High speed
  • Color camera inspection

A custom sorting algorithm automatically grouped vision inspection locations so one camera image captures multiple inspections — decreasing required motion and improving cycle time. A color camera and color blob analysis differentiates between white and pink greases to ensure that no pre-existing grease is present on the housing, and then verifies that the correct grease is applied in the correct volume and geometry. Two high-pressure transfer pumps fed grease from 5-gallon pails to the dispense gantry such that minimal material change-out was required and high throughput achieved.

The automated system included 6 different taught sequences for existing product families (each with different housing and dispense geometries), and had the capability of storing thousands of taught part recipes that could be recalled immediately by part number so that different products didn’t require manual changeover.