This case study shows how AEi used the CMAT I platform to perform a six-axis active alignment of lens to an image sensor module for a video borescope.

borescopePlatforms & Products:

  • FlexAuto
  • CMAT

Application Requirements:

  • Six-axis active alignment of lens to image sensor
  • Vision-guided insertion of sensor assembly into lens assembly
  • Alignment algorithm used for both near-field and far-field targets
  • Automated adhesive dispense and UV cure
  • Flexible fixturing and software
  • Motorized near-field target
  • Consistent image quality

The application required a six degree of freedom (6 DOF) active alignment of a lens to a sensor assembly for video borescopes. AEi’s five- and six-degree of freedom active alignment enables customers to assemble cameras and lenses with superior quality of focus across an entire image plane. Uniformly high image quality is critical in medical and other demanding applications.

The existing alignment process was operator-dependent, time consuming and difficult to reliably repeat with each unit. AEi developed a modified CMAT I system to repeatedly align, attach and test the lens and camera module assembly with high accuracy and speed.

Due to a relatively tight tolerance between the sensor assembly and the lens assembly, AEi used two orthogonally-mounted machine-vision cameras and pattern recognition software to align and attach the sensor assembly into the lens assembly prior to AEi’s 6 DOF active alignment.