This application required a long, slender macro lens to be bonded to a custom camera sensor package with a linear alignment accuracy of 7.5um and rotation accuracy of 20 arc-seconds, while maintaining a Class 10 clean room environment inside the machine.

Platforms & Products:

  • FlexAuto

Processes & Tools:

  • Machine Vision Guided Automation
  • Epoxy Dispense and Cure
  • Precision Motion

Application Requirements:

  • Vision-guided motion
  • Automated epoxy dispense and UV cure
  • Class 10 clean room
  • Flexure design
  • Epoxy material selection

We have the experience and ability to select and utilize the most effective motion components for a given application from a variety of sources, including the right drive electronics, motion stages and motion control algorithms. We work primarily with servo motion control, but also use stepper motor control and pneumatic actuation for less demanding needs.

We have implemented as many as 32 motorized axes of motion with encoder resolutions as low as 5 nanometers and with travel speeds as fast as 2 meters a second.