AEi configured and delivered a PMAT (Phototonics Module Align, Assembly and Test) station with required custom fixturing, tooling, instrumentation and process sequencing to align and test a series of different planar light chips (PLCs). These devices had very different geometries and sizes. The number of output channels also ranged from 8 to 40 or more.

Platforms & Products:

  • Photonics Module Align, Assembly and Test (PMAT)
  • FlexAuto

Application Requirements:

  • Process prototyping
  • Interchangeable tooling
  • Vision-guided pick-and-place of components from trays
  • Automated IMF dispense
  • Active alignment
  • Full device functional test

All test and process equipment was fully automated and integrated into the system. Three digital cameras performed a wide range of machine vision processes, including pick-and-place of components from trays as well as initial course alignment of devices to fibers. The machine vision incorporates pattern recognition for improved process reliability and repeatability.