A leading supplier and manufacturer of micro optics asked AEi to configure an automated MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) assembly machine for their devices.

Platforms & Products:

  • Photonics Module Align, Assembly and Test (PMAT)
  • FlexAuto

Processes & Tools:

  • Machine Vision Guided Automation
  • Epoxy Dispense and Cure
  • Precision Motion

Application Requirements:

  • Epoxy adhesive evaluation
  • Automated epoxy dispense
  • Solder reflow experimentation and evaluation
  • Hot gas muffle for solder reflow
  • Automated tip-finding calibration subsystem for epoxy needle
  • Split-vision image overlay of part on substrate before placement
  • Configurable control software (FlexAuto) for variety of product parts
  • Automated pick-and-place from gel-pac or waffle pack

The customer required a flexible machine that would be able to assemble several different devices using multiple bonding techniques. In addition, the design of the device was expected to change in the future, so the automation was expected to be flexible enough to accommodate these changes. The devices typically contain parts that are less than 1 mm square, need to be located and aligned to within 10 µm or less and bonded into place with epoxy or solder.

AEi based its solution on its PMAT Platform and FlexAuto software, enabling users to configure the machine to use different machine vision analysis tools to accurately pick and place components during alignment and attach operations. The system also dynamically integrates adhesive bond and solder attachment modes for the specific recipe of sub-components under assembly.

The system’s suite of control algorithms quickly executes alignment functions and configures adaptive tooling to support a wide range of precision component designs with the additional advantage of being able to accommodate future device changes.