AEi developed a next generation multi-spectral imaging system using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components with image quality rivaling military grade for use in portable commercial applications using small charter aircraft such as land and water based surveying.

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Machine Vision Guided Automation

AEi’s solution produces high-resolution multi-spectral imagery superior to that from commercial satellites and also far more flexible and cost effective for acquiring sequences in any orientation and size. The system acquires synchronized data from four separate 12-bit, megapixel CCD cameras in the red, green, blue, IR spectra using a 3-axis co-alignment system and provides considerable flexibility in its camera sensitivity adjustments, capturing high quality imagery under a wide range of illumination and surface conditions. It is powered by a dual backplane, single chassis computer with scaleable data storage.

This application is an unusual application of coordinated motion (aircraft flight patterns) with machine vision (the analysis of image at different wavelengths).