AEi developed camera module assembly, alignment and test stations for multiple camera module programs for a European manufacturer of high-end electronics systems and subsystems for the automotive market.

Platforms & Products:

Processes & Tools:

  • Active Alignment
  • Machine Vision Guided Automation
  • Epoxy Dispense and Cure

Application Requirements:

  • Extensive design for manufacturing (DFM) collaboration
  • Failure mode event analysis (FMEA) to minimize program risk
  • Adhesive evaluation and experiments to optimize process
  • 5 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) active alignment for improved product performance
  • Configurable and customizable align and test targets
  • Adaptable to different camera sensors
  • Automated epoxy dispense
  • Configurable UV cure wands for optimal epoxy cure

The application requirements included 5 degree of freedom (5 DOF) alignment of lens assemblies to image sensors in digital cameras to achieve required alignment tolerances while keeping manufacturing costs down. Environmental conditions in automotive applications — including a wide range of service temperatures and high shock and vibration conditions — require a very reliable and uniform alignment and assembly process.

AEi’s flexible automation systems enabled the customer to develop and produce compact, high-image-quality cameras within very short development and deployment cycles.