The PMAT (Photonics Module Align, Assembly and Test) platform is designed specifically for precision alignment, assembly and testing of photonic or optoelectronic packages. This includes both single channel applications as well as multi-channel packages such as AWGs and PLCs.

  • 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) active alignment (single sided or dual sided) for improved product performance with alignment to within as little as /- 0.1 micron of peak coupling efficiency
  • Automated AEi alignment algorithms include raster scan, box scan, spiral scan, line scan, 2D downhill simplex and 3D downhill simplex
  • Configurable and customizable alignment and testing sequencing
  • Support for a wide variety of instrumentation
  • Automated laser welding option
  • Automated epoxy dispense option
  • Configurable UV cure wands for optimal automated epoxy cure
  • Automated material handling available in different formats
  • Significantly faster cycle time, process repeatability and improved production yield versus manual methods
  • FlexAuto PC-based control with configurable product recipes

Application Examples: