The CMAT Assembly system can also be configured with a Final Test module or as a stand-alone final test solution.

Cameras that utilize UV-only curing can be completed and ready for final testing on the CMAT Assembly system. Rather than sending the camera through another handling step to a separate system taking up more floor space, the AEi Modular Architecture allows you to simply add the equivalent capability of the FFT System onto the CMAT Assembly as a Final Test module.

  • Production testing with programmable test limits
  • Datalogging for traceability and statistical process control
  • Most comprehensive suite of built-in tests in the industry
  • Ability to test a built camera at multiple target distances
  • Most flexible targeting system in the industry – Choose from one of our standard targets or design your own
  • Most flexible lighting system in the industry – Programmable intensity with the ability to add filters and modify spectral content
  • Fully customizable tester – Add tests and unique targets to meet your needs