FFT System

FFT-Raw-PicThe FFT system of equipment and software provides a comprehensive suite of camera tests for ensuring the quality of fully assembled cameras.

The FFT is built upon both the AEi Modular Architecture and the FlexAuto platform, allowing seamless integration into a production line with a CMAT Assembly system. Alternatively, it may be utilized as a stand-alone tester for any type of assembled camera.

The FFT leverages the optical testing expertise of AEi to ensure the highest-quality camera module test.

  • Modular architecture – Add specialty modules for camera unique tests or calibration
  • Production testing with programmable test limits
  • Datalogging for traceability and statistical process control
  • Most comprehensive suite of built-in tests in the industry
  • Ability to test a built camera at multiple target distances
  • Most flexible targeting system in the industry – Choose from one of our standard targets or design your own
  • Only camera test system capable of supporting more than one target if required
  • Most flexible lighting system in the industry – Programmable intensity with the ability to add filters and modify spectral content
  • Fully customizable tester – Add tests and unique targets to meet your needs