_DSC6952-Edit_02CMAT Modular Assembly System

The CMAT Modular Assembly System is the world’s first camera module assembly station to align a lens assembly to an image sensor in up to six degrees of freedom.

The CMAT Modular Assembly system positions the lens assembly in X, Y and Z, as well as the corners, in pitch and roll to achieve an even focus across the focal plane.

Traditional manufacturing and production methods do not allow for the level of flexibility or accuracy of the AEi CMAT systems; the CMAT Assembly system results in higher production yields and lower cost. The trend towards higher performance camera modules has driven the growing market for active alignment solutions.

  • Architected with the unique Modular Architecture — offering the broadest range of manufacturing functionality and scalability
  • Configurable systems with a variable number of functional modules
  • Variety of options available at each module
  • High-precision alignment
  • High-quality camera manufacturing
  • High yield & fast camera production

To give you greater flexibility, these modules can be reconfigured and adapted to produce a wide range of products, now and in the future. This means they can support the most demanding camera applications in such diverse industries as:

  • Mobile
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Surveillance/Security
  • Consumer Electronics