AEI and Pelican Imaging Collaborate to Implement Active Alignment for Advanced Array Cameras


Wilmington, Massachusetts – April 3, 2013 — Automation Engineering Incorporated (AEi), a leading global supplier of high-precision flexible automation systems, has collaborated with Pelican Imaging Corporation to implement 6 degrees of freedom active alignment for computational array cameras using AEi’s CMAT (Camera Module Align, Assembly, and Test) flexible automation platforms. AEi’s 6 degrees of freedom active alignment process meets the exacting standards for image quality required for Pelican’s sophisticated image processing algorithms to be able to properly manipulate the image data from multi-image array cameras. This allows the array camera to produce features such as 3D imaging and auto focus without a moving mechanism. The Pelican advanced array camera design is markedly thinner in depth when compared to existing mobile cameras, further powering it as a disruptive technology for leading edge cell phones and other mobile devices.

According to AEi Chief Technology Officer Andre By, “AEi has a successful history of implementing active optical alignment for various products for many years now, focusing on the manufacture of camera modules for the past several years. We are now introducing further enhancements to this technology to facilitate mass production of the Pelican multi image array style of cameras. AEi’s patent pending enhancements and innovations deliver optimal image quality and machine cycle time, which make us the recognized world leader in flexible automated active alignment for camera module align, assembly and test systems. Working with Pelican over the past two and a half years, we have produced multiple sets of array cameras, including most recently 4×4 array cameras for several Pelican manufacturing partners, in the move toward high-volume production using our unique active alignment technology,” concluded By.

About AEi

AEi is a leading global supplier of high-precision, flexible automation systems based on patent-pending technologies and over 22 years of innovation across the consumer products, automotive, optoelectronics, medical devices, aerospace & defense and other worldwide markets. AEi designs and implements sophisticated capital equipment to automate the production of camera modules and optoelectronics. AEi is based in Wilmington, MA with direct local support based in Guangzhou, China by AEi Asia Pacific Limited ( For more information on AEi’s precision automation systems, visit

About Pelican Imaging

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, and founded in 2008, Pelican Imaging Corporation is a venture backed camera solution company in the business of commercializing computational array cameras to provide consumer’s new ways to interact with their high fidelity images. Pelican’s array camera directly addresses the challenges posed by conventional camera design and small pixels. For fast image and depth map capture that enables depth-based applications such as segmentation, post capture focus adjustment, and advanced filters through manipulation of individual objects in the scene, Pelican’s new camera is the solution. Investors include Globespan Capital Partners, Granite Ventures, InterWest Partners and IQT. For more information, visit