AEi Announces the Delivery of CMAT Platform to a Major Chinese Image Sensor Manufacture for Assembly of Front Facing Mobile Phone Wafer Level Cameras

Wilmington, MA – November 25, 2014

AEi announced that it has shipped a production CMAT system to a major Chinese Image Sensor Manufacturer for Assembly of wafer level front facing mobile phone cameras.

The use of precision front facing cameras in smartphones used to take “selfies” have increased in exponentially over the last few years.  The need to drive down manufacturing cost and improve build yield as well as manage the precision material handling aspects of these cameras was a key challenge for this Asian-based Image Sensor Manufacturer.  “ The precision pick and place capabilities of the Auto Load Module (ALM) and the micron accuracy of the align as well as MIPI communications capability of the CMAT Module platform were key decision factors for our header_DSC7394_01_lrcustomer,optomechanical” said Dr. Michael Chiu, Chief Technology Officer at AEI. Chiu added “We worked very closely with our customer to develop the key active alignment algorithms needed to achieve alignment performance that dramatically improves the product yield and overall focus quality. We designed custom gripper and pick and place tooling coupled with the CMAT high UPH  production throughput, to make our customer’s products a market success.”

About AEi
 Automation Engineering, Inc. (AEi), founded in 1990, is the leading supplier of capital equipment used by manufacturers worldwide to assemble and test camera modules and optical subsystems used in the automotive, consumer, security and medical markets. The Company offers the most comprehensive portfolio of fully-automated manufacturing and test solutions available, which is used to assemble, measure and verify the mechanical, electrical and optical quality during volume manufacturing.  AEi has built a reputation as thoptomechanicalassembly and test equipment in the industry.  AEi is the premiere manufacturers of “Active Alignment” Camera Module manufacturing systems. AEi’s customers include leading global manufacturers of camera and optical modules in the automotive, consumer and mobile markets. AEi has operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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