AEi Announces Release of New Laser and LIDAR Alignment Module for CMAT Modular Platform

Wilmington, MA – February 5, 2015

AEi announced that it released new modules for the CMAT Modular platform for Laser and LIDAR active alignment and test.

The CMAT Modular platform continues to expand its capabilities with the recent release of a new Laser and LIDAR alignment module.  Unlike camera alignment where the actual camera image sensor itself is used in conjunction with 5 and 6 axis of control to actively align the lens element, with Laser and LIDAR alignment, a different approach is required to analyze the focus beam of the laser or LIDAR projection to control the 6 axis alignment of the lens element.  “We have brought together the 6-axis precision control of the CMAT modular platform and combined it with laser control and a new laser targeting system that enables the focus of laser and LIDAR lens elements,” said George Rose, Director of Product Strategy at AEI.  He added “ Gesture recognition for consumer virtual reality products and LIDAR for use in Automotive ADAS systems are fast growing market opportunities.  AEi develops the manufacturing  technologies that bring optical _DSC1134_01_lralignment and automation that enable production manufacturing of these emerging technologies.”

The CMAT Laser Alignment Module is available with 6 Axis alignment stages, jetted dispense, laser power control and a proprietary targeting system.  AEi has also developed patented gripper technology to help pick and place the fine lens elements used in Laser Gesture modules and LIDAR systems.  The CMAT system can be mated with either a manual load interface or can be a configured as complete closed system mated to the Auto Load Module (ALM) outfitted with 3 JEDEC tray loaders for uninterrupted high volume production runs.  The new CMAT Laser Alignment Module is available immediately for delivery.

Please contact your local sales office to learn more about this new option for the CMAT modular platform. 

About AEi
 Automation Engineering, Inc. (AEi), founded in 1990, is the leading supplier of capital equipment used by manufacturers worldwide to assemble and test camera modules and optical subsystems used in the automotive, consumer, security and medical markets. The Company offers the most comprehensive portfolio of fully-automated manufacturing and test solutions available, which is used to assemble, measure and verify the mechanical, electrical and optical quality during volume manufacturing.  AEi has built a reputation as the standard for optomechanical assembly and test equipment in the industry.  AEi is the premiere manufacturers of “Active Alignment” Camera Module manufacturing systems. AEi’s customers include leading global manufacturers of camera and optical modules in the automotive, consumer and mobile markets. AEi has operations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

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