AEi provides the mobile market with high-quality cameras for any application.

mobile-camera1 Whether your camera is destined for a smart phone, laptop, tablet or some other mobile device, AEi’s technology delivers cameras with a sharp, high-quality image. By engaging the camera electronics in the manufacturing process and actively aligning the lens to the image sensor, our proprietary technology makes sure that your end product has a camera that meets your camera specifications and requirements.

How we deliver for the mobile camera module market.

When you partner with AEi we will enable you to produce the high-quality cameras in the most cost-effective way. Our camera test module enables improved production yield and throughput to be sure you are able to meet your customer’s quality and cost expectations.

The AEi benefits to the mobile market.

mobile-camera3 AEi systems offer optimized image quality, precision alignment and high throughput, which are all benefits for this competitive industry. Our reconfigurable modular design extends the potential for new products and scalability in a market that is characterized by rapid change, high demand and cost pressures.

Our optical test capabilities and lens alignment, coupled with our manufacturing expertise, enables our customers to produce high-quality camera modules at a competitive price. By turning the camera on in the manufacturing process and aligning the lens (actively aligning the camera), we increase the quality of each camera assembly, and thus the yield, eliminating and minimizing rework and scrap.

We understand that consumer compact camera module technology is driving to higher resolutions, slimmer packing, autofocus with VCM and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). AEi has developed the technology, machines and software to help you get the most out of your production floor while providing the highest possible quality and yield.

In the manufacturing process, we align the lens and fully test the camera module with our modular equipment. This makes you, the manufacturer, highly competitive by producing cameras with the highest resolution and image quality in a reliable, precision-tested environment with high yields. This allows our customers to keep pace with the leading-edge mobile camera module market requirements in a manufacturing environment.