AEi provides the consumer Electronics Optics market with high-quality cameras for gesture recognition, home automation and gaming solutions.

In the highly competitive consumer electronics market, we offer proprietary software algorithms and the highest quality optics in the manufacturing process for our clients.

How we deliver for the consumer Electronics Optics camera module market.

Consumer electronics manufacturers trust our automation software and high image quality for gesture recognition, stereoscopic cameras, pico projectors or whatever your application may be that requires the precision, quality and experience that AEi provides in order to optimize your unique product’s performance requirements.

When you partner with AEi, you are assured of a well-focused, high-quality image from every camera you produce for any application.

You are partnering with an organization focused on being ahead of the technology and you are investing in the longevity of your equipment by using our reconfigurable modular platform that helps you scale and lead the market with product innovation.