why-aeiAutomation Engineering Inc. (AEi) is the global technology leader in Active Alignment camera module assembly and test systems (CMAT) and photonics active alignment and test machines (PMAT). AEi has been developing precision flexible automation systems since 1990.

AEi’s modular platform machines perform multi-axis active optical alignment based on unique AEi patent-pending algorithms to enable the production of lens attachment to camera modules with the highest image quality, optimized throughput, and yield. AEi’s modular system concept provides for the production flexibility to configure and customize systems to meet customer-specific needs.

AEi also offers Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services, camera module manufacturing process development and prototype camera builds. AEi is recognized as the world leader in flexible automated manufacturing systems.


Facilitating Your Innovation

Right now, product life cycles are shorter than ever. This means that market-leading manufacturers – particularly those in the mobile, consumer products, and automotive sectors – must be constantly innovating; bringing new high-quality products to market as quickly as possible.

Our proprietary CMAT (Camera Module Align Assembly and Test) flexible active-alignment automation platforms, as well as our organization, allow our customers to continue to focus on their areas of expertise while allowing AEi to be its partner in bringing these complex products to market on time, on a budget, on target.

Our unique, modular approach is reconfigurable, so it is adaptable to your current and future manufacturing and technological needs.

The Leader in Active Alignment

CE_TUVSince 1990, AEi has worked with leading technology partners, developing a portfolio of innovative optical and precise manufacturing systems. Our CMAT platform was the first to introduce Active Alignment to the optical assembly. With their strict, multi-axis motion, purpose-built software platform and robust material-handling system, our machines produce camera modules with the highest image quality available; quickly and consistently.

As the world’s leader in high-speed active alignment for manufacturing, AEi’s modular platform is delivering on the lowest total cost of ownership with the highest yields in the industry.