AEi provides the automotive industry market with high-quality cameras of all types used in automatic driver assist systems (ADAS).

automotive-camera2We are the leading provider of manufacturing and test equipment for the automotive camera module market. Our equipment allows flexible platform configurations to enable increased quality and traceability throughout your process, as well as addition of new features as they are needed. AEi has the industry leading Wide Field of View (WFOV) alignment and test solutions up to 180 degrees.

How we deliver for the automotive camera module market.

automotive-camera3Our automation software enables precision manufacturing and flexible reconfiguration to produce the most reliable, high-quality cameras with the capacity to adapt as your product line changes.

Our customers are able to differentiate their brands and meet their end customer’s expectations and requirements with our advanced alignment and test technology solutions.

The AEi benefits to the automotive camera module market.automotive-camera1

AEi provides automotive camera module suppliers the ability to meet the industry’s growing needs for rearview cameras, front-view cameras, surround-view cameras, multi-lens array cameras, stereoscopic and most other automotive camera assembly and test requirements. Our advanced modular design provides lens inspection, plasma treat, alignment, test and many other features required to deliver a high-quality product to the automotive market.

Quality and reliability in the manufacturing of automotive cameras is critical, due to their applications being directly linked to the safety of consumers. By employing our active alignment technology and camera test capabilities, you can be confident in the ability of your products to keep consumers safe.