Automation Engineering, Inc. (the Company or “AEi”) is a leading supplier of capital equipment used by manufacturers worldwide to assemble and test camera modules and optical subsystems used in the automotive, consumer, security and medical markets.

The Company offers the most comprehensive portfolio of fully-automated manufacturing and test solutions available, which is used to assemble, measure and verify the mechanical, electrical and optical quality during volume manufacturing.  AEi has built a reputation as the standard for opto-mechanical assembly and test equipment in the industry. The “CMAT” platform includes key differentiated features that address the needs of the broad market.  These include alignment algorithms that have been optimized for computational cameras, comprehensive test suites for automotive standards, wide field of view optical targeting, ToF and IR-Laser alignment, high-speed image processing, and fast tool changes for high-mix manufacturing.  This depth of feature capability goes well beyond what the competing systems can offer.

AEi’s superior technology and experience are proven in the field by high yields and production volumes.  AEi’s portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies positions it as the leader in active alignment of optical assembly equipment.  This technology leadership position enables both optimal image quality and economic performance for the leading digital camera companies worldwide using AEi equipment to build and test automotive forward facing stereoscopic cameras, ADAS and backup cameras, consumer drone and gesture recognition cameras and laser assemblies, smartphone cameras, and wearable technology and virtual reality devices.

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